Early feedback from “Ethical Meltdown”

I used flight time in reading “Ethical Meltdown.” It is a fast read and the message is compelling because of the extensive research and the clear and concise way the material is presented. My hope is that this book receives the wide attention and readership that it so justly deserves.

Michael D. – President of a national education foundation


I just finished reading “Ethical Meltdown” and concluded that you produced a much-needed breath of fresh air. Congratulations on your excellent work and the guts for taking a bit of a risk.
Joesph B. – Physician


I absolutely loved “Ethical Meltdown.” I am reading the book for the second time to better absorb some of the wonderful content. Bravo!
Jane C. -Insurance executive


Your book makes a powerful case for focusing on ethical studies in our educational system.
John K. – Retired businessman


I read “Ethical Meltdown” and totally agreed with your premise. I, too, am deeply concerned with our present values, our questionable work ethic and how easily we rationalize our bad behavior. The book is true and hard-hitting with great examples.
Tom L. – Bank manager


I read “Ethical Meltdown” this week and was super impressed. Congratulations!
Harry M. -Adjunct professor of law


I love “Ethical Meltdown.” I am on chapter six, and found it hard to put the book down.
Barbara B. – Retiree


I just finished your excellent book – “Ethical Meltdown.” I like the way you organized the 28 chapters. Unethical behavior exists everywhere and you documented it very well. The book captured my attention immediately by discussing the Don Bolles murder in 1976. I was under 30 at the time but the tragedy had a huge impact on me. It encompassed organized crime, real estate barons and the ultimate intimidation of the media. I especially enjoyed the last two chapters which provide an ethics plan for the future. Thanks for writing this valuable book. It was great reading.

Edward H. – Business Consultant