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Letter to Donald Trump

On March 8, 2016, I sent a letter to Donald Trump.

Dear Mr. Trump

I have been a Republican for well over fifty years. In most Presidential elections I have consistently voted for the Republican candidate. However, in 1960, I voted for John F. Kennedy over Richard Nixon. Why? Because when Nixon ran for his senate seat, his campaign was ethically awful. It turned out that my judgment of Nixon was correct.

This election year, it is likely you will be nominated to be the Republican candidate at the convention this summer.

Based on your performance up to now, I would vote for the Democratic candidate. Again, why? Because your demeanor is awful and your positions on the facts are often incorrect and subject to change on a daily basis.

I have, however, another dilemma. I cannot vote for a socialist whose positions are as bad as Obama’s for the last seven years in office, or for our former Secretary of State, who should be serving a prison term for violating significant federal laws, and whose husband has an ethical history that is worse than Richard Nixon’s.

So here is my advice: First of all, cleanse your mouth and act like a responsible candidate for the American Presidency. Second, hire some outstanding professionals who are conservative thinkers on economics, foreign policy and governance.

You still have time to change your approach for those of us who will reluctantly vote for you, even though at present, you are a default candidate, as opposed to a respected leader of whom we can truly be proud. Ronald Reagan should be your example.

Finally, during your campaign, I suggest you eliminate Chris Christie standing at your side. He is not a solid example of ethical behavior and should not be part of your public team.


David R. Frazer, Attorney and author of Ethical Meltdown, the Need to Recover Our Vanishing Values.

Roger Clemens testifying at Congressional hearing.

Where Are Our Sports Role Models?

Roger Clemens testifying at Congressional hearing.

There was a time, not too many years ago, when every young sports fan had a favorite player on his or her favorite team. For me, since I grew up in Detroit, in baseball it was Hank Greenberg, and later, Al Kaline of the Tigers. In football, it was Don Hudson, the magnificent wide receiver of the Green Bay Packers, who caught passes with the speed and grace of a gazelle. Later, I greatly admired Johnny Unitas of the Baltimore Colts, whose pinpoint passes and never-say-die attitude won the hearts of fans all over America. In basketball, it was center Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics, and more recently, Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns, and now with the L.A. Lakers.

All of these players had magical abilities that impressed me enough to reach role model status. They were not only Triple-A in talent, they played the game with great integrity.

In the last 25 years, role models in sports have been hard to find. Drug use has become a serious problem in baseball, football, and cycling. In 2012, not a single player was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, partly because several prime candidates used steroids and were unable to even come close to obtaining the 75% required vote. In professional football, there is evidence that some 300-pound linemen obtained that weight via “performance enhancers.” As for the Tour de France, the whole American team, which was lead by Lance Armstrong for years, used illegal drugs and blood enhancers.

This is unfortunate for our children and grandchildren who want to admire their sports idols. Golf is the one sport in America where the players consistently hold their heads high because they are ethical, and play accordingly. The players call penalties on themselves if they violate a rule, even if the penalty cost them a championship and the loss of thousands of dollars. For that, we can all be justly proud.

Misconduct in the Military

In my book, “Ethical Meltdown,” I did not cover the military in order to limit the book to two hundred pages. However, in light of the news that hit the media after my publication date, it is clear that the lack of ethics in the military is part of our national moral disintegration.
General Petraeus, the Commander in Afghanistan, and until recently, Director of the CIA, made news all over the world because of his affair with Paula Broadwell and his emails to her. We then learned that Marine General John Allen, presently the top commander in Afghanistan, had emailed between 20-30,000 pages to his girlfriend, Tampa Socialite Jill Kelley.  Both men are married and not to these women!
Next we find out that the US Air Force is taking broad measures to prevent sexual misconduct against female recruits during basic training. The Air Force said it had identified twenty-three instructors that had unprofessional relationships with, or committed sexual assaults against forty-eight trainees. Five of the instructors have been court-martialed and convicted, and one staff sergeant was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Apparently, this conduct has been going on for some time, according to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.
Obviously there is an epidemic of unethical behavior that is reaching staggering proportions in our military, which only reflects the country as a whole.
This unethical conduct is only a small part of the military story. A growing number of career soldiers have confessed to siphoning millions of dollars from defense contractors in Iraq and Kuwait. Stay tuned for my next blog.

Another Public Figure Scandal

Often, the most amazing source of bad behavior occurs in your own city or state. In this instance, the news emanated from Tucson, Arizona.
Paul Babeu has been Sheriff of Pinal County and has established a strong reputation in attempting to keep our border with Mexico safe from illegal immigrants and dangerous drug gangs. Now Sheriff Babeu is now running for Congress. An illegal immigrant who was a male campaign assistant to Babeu went public that he had a sexual relationship with the sheriff. He further alleged that Babeu threatened him with deportation if he revealed this relationship.
Much like Representative Weiner from New York, Babeu had partially dressed pictures of himself with his male friend on the internet.Sheriff Babeu now complains that he is being targeted for being gay. Rather, he is being targeted for bad judgment and hypocritical behavior.
My advice to the sheriff is: write a letter of apology to your constituents and campaign staff and then resign as a Congressional candidate and as Sheriff of Pinal County. You have lost your credibility.