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Can We Save the GOP?

I, along with millions of otherĀ  Republicans, had decided to reluctantly support Donald Trump for President, not because he was an ideal candidate, but because I believed he was an improvement over Hillary Clinton…and her husband. My opinion of the Clinton family has not changed. Hillary should be indicted for violating federal laws as Secretary of State and Bill for being paid (via the Clinton Foundation) millions from numerous foreign countries to obtain favors from the U.S. Department of State while Hillary was heading that agency.

What has changed is my revised opinion of Donald Trump. His comments about a Federal judge and about the Orlando tragedy indicate that Trump is not qualified to be President.

There is a possible solution. In July, at the GOP Convention, the Trump supporters could and should get together and propose a substitute candidate. It could be John Kasich, Paul Ryan, or possibly Ted Cruz. Kasich would probably have the best chance of winning, with Ryan a close second. For Vice President, a strong female Governor would make sense politically and would save our country from another four to eight years of rotten leadership.

Letter to Donald Trump

On March 8, 2016, I sent a letter to Donald Trump.

Dear Mr. Trump

I have been a Republican for well over fifty years. In most Presidential elections I have consistently voted for the Republican candidate. However, in 1960, I voted for John F. Kennedy over Richard Nixon. Why? Because when Nixon ran for his senate seat, his campaign was ethically awful. It turned out that my judgment of Nixon was correct.

This election year, it is likely you will be nominated to be the Republican candidate at the convention this summer.

Based on your performance up to now, I would vote for the Democratic candidate. Again, why? Because your demeanor is awful and your positions on the facts are often incorrect and subject to change on a daily basis.

I have, however, another dilemma. I cannot vote for a socialist whose positions are as bad as Obama’s for the last seven years in office, or for our former Secretary of State, who should be serving a prison term for violating significant federal laws, and whose husband has an ethical history that is worse than Richard Nixon’s.

So here is my advice: First of all, cleanse your mouth and act like a responsible candidate for the American Presidency. Second, hire some outstanding professionals who are conservative thinkers on economics, foreign policy and governance.

You still have time to change your approach for those of us who will reluctantly vote for you, even though at present, you are a default candidate, as opposed to a respected leader of whom we can truly be proud. Ronald Reagan should be your example.

Finally, during your campaign, I suggest you eliminate Chris Christie standing at your side. He is not a solid example of ethical behavior and should not be part of your public team.


David R. Frazer, Attorney and author of Ethical Meltdown, the Need to Recover Our Vanishing Values.

Conflicts of Interest of Major Proportions

In my book “Ethical Meltdown,” I wrote about conflicts of interests as a major ethical rule that is so frequently violated that observers must wonder if the violators have ever heard of the rule.

A conflict that is now gaining some publicity involves the Obama Administration and the 11,000 employees on Capital Hill who have been exempted out of a pay provision of the Affordable Care Act that the rest of the country has to pay.

This exemption for members of the House and Senate and their substantial staffs was granted without legal authority, but was happily received by members of both parties. Only one Senator, David Vitter of Louisiana, is attempting to convince other legislators to reverse with legislative action, this crass giveaway to legislators who are already overpaid for what little they are presently producing for the betterment of our country.

This scenario is a clear conflict of interest by Senators and House members who promoted this exemption and equally so for all of the congressmen and women who accepted this windfall, with only one Senator raising an objection.

This conflict of interest by the President and his advisers is granting a financial exemption to a small group of recipients who are in a position to benefit the President’s political agenda.

At the highest level, money and politics again take precedence over principle.


Another Public Figure Scandal

Often, the most amazing source of bad behavior occurs in your own city or state. In this instance, the news emanated from Tucson, Arizona.
Paul Babeu has been Sheriff of Pinal County and has established a strong reputation in attempting to keep our border with Mexico safe from illegal immigrants and dangerous drug gangs. Now Sheriff Babeu is now running for Congress. An illegal immigrant who was a male campaign assistant to Babeu went public that he had a sexual relationship with the sheriff. He further alleged that Babeu threatened him with deportation if he revealed this relationship.
Much like Representative Weiner from New York, Babeu had partially dressed pictures of himself with his male friend on the internet.Sheriff Babeu now complains that he is being targeted for being gay. Rather, he is being targeted for bad judgment and hypocritical behavior.
My advice to the sheriff is: write a letter of apology to your constituents and campaign staff and then resign as a Congressional candidate and as Sheriff of Pinal County. You have lost your credibility.