The IRS – A Serious Disgrace

The media has covered this scandal in some detail, but the whole story is still to be revealed. However, the more we learned about this matter, the worse the scandal becomes.

As was the case in prior administrations, the wrongdoing at the IRS always starts at the top. Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton all used the IRS for targeting of their political enemies.

In President Obama’s case, the targeting of conservative organizations started in August, 2008 and then picked up steam in 2012 in preparation for his campaign for a second term.

At this point the question we should be concerned about is what action will the President take to clean up a major agency of his administration?

For some guidance, let us go back to the tail end of Harry Truman’s presidency. At that time, it was revealed that certain sections of the Department of Justice were corrupt. Bribes were taken by lawyers and several officials were convicted of white collar crimes. Subsequently, Dwight Eisenhower was elected President and Herbert Brownell, Jr., a respected New York Attorney was named U.S. Attorney General. Brownell proceeded to clean out the bad apples, including political appointees in the Justice Department and substituted an honors program to hire young lawyers with strong credentials to take their place.

As soon as the congressional investigations are completed and the facts are clear, the people responsible for the political targeting should be fired and replaced by highly trained CPA’s who are able to serve with honor and a strong sense of right and wrong.