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“World Peace” Misnamed

Metta World Peace, better known as Ron Artest has played professional basketball for twelve years and for a number of different teams. In several of those years, he was suspended for a variety of different violations of basketball rules, plus a number of off-court embarrassing legal issues. His most famous suspension occurred in November 2004 when he charged into the stands to beat up a man who supposedly did something that irritated him. As it turned out, he beat up the wrong man and was suspended for 86 games, the longest suspense in NBA history.

In a playoff game several weeks ago, Artest who is strong as a bull, swung his elbow into the side of the head of James Harden, a star player of the Oklahoma Thunder and then walked away pounding his chest as if to say “I am the King of this Court and will do whatever I decide to do regardless of the consequences.” Harden suffered a concussion and had to leave that game. The next blow could have killed him.

The commissioner of basketball suspended Artest for seven games. He should have been suspended from the league for life! Enough is enough. The NBA does not need a terrorist masquerading as “World Peace.”