Monthly Archives: February 2012

Another Public Figure Scandal

Often, the most amazing source of bad behavior occurs in your own city or state. In this instance, the news emanated from Tucson, Arizona.
Paul Babeu has been Sheriff of Pinal County and has established a strong reputation in attempting to keep our border with Mexico safe from illegal immigrants and dangerous drug gangs. Now Sheriff Babeu is now running for Congress. An illegal immigrant who was a male campaign assistant to Babeu went public that he had a sexual relationship with the sheriff. He further alleged that Babeu threatened him with deportation if he revealed this relationship.
Much like Representative Weiner from New York, Babeu had partially dressed pictures of himself with his male friend on the internet.Sheriff Babeu now complains that he is being targeted for being gay. Rather, he is being targeted for bad judgment and hypocritical behavior.
My advice to the sheriff is: write a letter of apology to your constituents and campaign staff and then resign as a Congressional candidate and as Sheriff of Pinal County. You have lost your credibility.